Water/Wastewater Rehabilitation

Every day people turn on their faucets, take showers, and flush toilets never really thinking about how it all works, until it doesn’t.

A well-performing water/wastewater system is an absolute essential to life in America today. Infrastructures are aging, developments are expanding, and existing system are stressed.

To keep up with growth, reduce pollution, and guarantee a healthy and safe water supply, rehabilitation of our water/wastewater systems is critical.

DMD’s Water/Wastewater Division teams with municipalities and large environmental engineering firms to provide:

  • Sewer System Inspections and Rehab
  • Stormwater Protection
  • Watershed Restoration
  • Engineering and Technical Support
  • As-Build Design Drawings
  • System Mapping
  • Construction Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Construction Site Restoration
  • Lift Station Construction and Rehab

To learn more about how DMD can manage your water/wastewater projects, from small rehabilitation needs to major capital improvements, contact Asghar "Oscar" Pourshiravi